Chef George Kyrtatas started working in the restaurant industry at age 16. With a passion for food and drink, he has been featured countless times in both television and print publications around the World.

Host of televisions' "Cooking with Kefi"
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About Chef George Kyrtatas

About Chef George KyrtatasChef George Kyrtatas is one of the pioneers of Modern Greek Cuisine in the United States. Since publishing his Greek Cookbook in 2004, Greek Cuisine in the United States has been booming and George has been helping to herald in a new age for Greek cooking in America.

Having held a steady position in the American media for nearly a decade, he is nationally known for his food styling and photography, his warm and approachable personality and his simple, easy-to-follow, award-winning recipes.

George has been a guest chef on many national and international television programs, Flavors of America, 10!, Fox and Friends, Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, and countless other tv and radio demonstrations. George has also been featured in countless magazines throughout the world such as Chef, Playboy, and Plate, to name a few. He has also been a contributor in magazines such as JerseyMan Magazine and Greek Circle. You might have experienced one of George’s cooking demonstrations as a celebrity chef at events such as The Atlantic City Food and Wine Festival and The Philadelphia Food and Wine Festival to name a few.

Chef Kyrtatas’ unparalleled knowledge and his unending love of foods from around the world make his cooking style untouchable. He brings his knowledge to his cooking and understands that in order to make the meal work he must allow the ingredients to speak for themselves.

Chef Kyrtatas’ culinary career started at the young age of 8 when his parents entered the restaurant business. George then entered and graduated from the Academy of Culinary Arts with a gold medal. George was also the youngest person ever to become a Certified Chef de Cuisine from the American Culinary Federation ( age 20 ). After graduation George went into the family business. Even though George had a job, he wanted a career. Through hard work George did just that. In January 2011, George was voted (in Greece) as one of the top 4 Greek Chefs in the world. In December of 2011, George was voted by a panel of his peers as one of the Top 5 Chefs in New Jersey.

When Chef George Kyrtatas is not filming, he can almost always be found at his newest restaurant, SweetWater Bar and Grill.


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George uses a hand torch, along with other several sabotages, to make a grilled cheese sandwich, as well as Shepard's Pie and egg rolls... while other contestants are subjected to sabotage; the winner is determined after a battle involving egg rolls.
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Online discussion with Cutthroat Kitchen judge Jet Tila, discussing the sabotages used in the episode of Cutthroat Kitchen and George's opportunities to win the grand prize.


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Be sure to experience the best food at Chef George Kyrtatas' SweetWater Bar & Grill located in Cinnaminson, New Jersey.